We are looking for a few Good Clowns!

Putting on a clown costume and a red nose does not make you a caring clown anymore then putting on a lab coat and stethoscope makes you a doctor. Becoming a Caring Clown with the Comedy Connection is a very special and unique volunteer experience.

Comedy Connection Caring Clowns offers a Caring Clown college at least once a year taught by Joye “Ting” Swisher. This is a 9 week commitment with a week off halfway through.

Becoming a caring clown is a process. We were honored to have the 2014 – 2016 classes hosted by Largo Medical Center. Comedy Connection Caring Clowns focus more of the “caring” aspect of a clown in healthcare settings. A caring clown is a caring person who embraces their clown within, and decides to emotionally connect to others as a clown. They learn they cannot change what’s going on with the people they visit, they can however, make a difference in the moments they spend at the bedside. They get in touch with their child within.

By the way, that is not the same as our inner child. Instruction isn’t needed here – JUST PERMISSION and encouragement!

We have excellent teachers; seasoned clowns who have the heart for clowning and the willingness to put time and effort into sharing their enthusiasm for this wonderful art of caring clowning. Their collective creativity helps empower the synergy that continues to grow within the students. The students’ creativity is contagious.

The clowns go through a wondrous journey, one that has changes their lives and probably the lives of those around them. They are encouraged to allow their inner child to come forth and a clown is born! They have to develop their characters, coming up with names much like parents do when they name their child. This is part of the process – it’s not an easy one. They work diligently. They develop their clowns, learn magic tricks, how to “be present” at the bedside of a patient while in clown, learn the rules and regulations, go on clown rounds at Largo Medical Center and a ALF or nursing facility, come up with props and learn how to see the world out of “clown eyes”. They will never be the same.

They are creative, imaginative, wonderful beings… They are caring clowns!

How often is Clown College held?

We offer this course once a year. Our next class will be starting in the summer of 2017.

How much is Clown College?

The fee is only a $100 tax deductible donation. All participants must be at least 14 years of age. Please fill out the application to begin your new and fun volunteer experience as a Caring Clown.

How do I register for Clown College?

If you’re interested in registering for our next Clown College, complete the REGISTRATION FORM below.


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