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Our mission:  The Comedy Connection Caring Clowns is a Non-Profit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to provide Education, Training, Performance, Research and  Networking activities for those individuals who desire to become and are presently acting as Caring Clowns for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living institutions, hospice or other healthcare settings to relieve suffering and encourage healing.  

Our Vision is to provide comic relief to patients, families & staff with positive interactions to help reduce stress & enhance physical or emotional wellness.

The Comedy Connection Caring Clown Alley has been bringing laughter to patients in area hospitals and hospice for over 28 years
Starting with just one cart of funny movies, books and games, the program has grown by leaps and laughs. Over 800 clowns have graduated from the 8 week “clown college”…. 60 caring clowns now volunteer for “clown rounds” at Largo Medical Center and other area hospitals, hospice, local senior centers, nursing homes, senior communities and memory units.

(Doctors have even written prescriptions for patients to receive a Comedy Connection.


It all started back in 1988, when Gibson submitted a proposal of her idea to Dr. Joel Goodman of “The Humor Project”. She ended up receiving a grant from him to pioneer the program at Morton Plant Hospital.

Dr. Nancy Rue, director of Education at Morton Plant and a former instructor of nurses studying pediatrics, was enthusiastic about the idea. She believed that the program would effectively help adults balance the stress of illness.

So a team was formed, and the very first comedy cart was created and filled with funny materials.

The program quickly gained in popularity and with the support of hospital administration, comedy carts were was soon expanded to other parts of the hospital. What began as a small pilot program in just one hospital unit as a free service to the patients, grew quickly. 

The Comedy Connection program has served as a model for other hospitals, hospices & healthcare facilities around the world.

Proud Members

Proud Members

of the World Clown Association 

The World Clown Association exists to serve the needs of the members of the Association, to serve the needs of local affiliate clown alleys, and to promote the art of clowning throughout the world.