I didn’t see this clown coming from far away memories to occupy my body, mind, and soul.  It crept up slowly over the years surprising me with sudden impish acts.  Not my day to day behaviors.  I became to raise my eyebrows and roll my eyes in this unfamiliar rubber face of mine.  I found myself giggling at the most improper times.  When someone at the library used exaggerated gesture to avoid talking aloud.  At the grocery store, making faces at little children whining from boredom in shopping carts.

This invading clown encouraged little quirks in my nature life moving my feet in a quick dance step to pass someone on the sidewalk or suddenly laughing loudly for no reason.  Overcome by a euphoria like that of Mary Poppins and Pippi Longstockings, I smile at everyone who looked my way.  I begin to really see people on the fringe of light in need of a caring clown.  At home, I open my arms in great circles to hug my guests like long lost friends.

Then this spirit reflected the kaleidoscope of human emotions through me.  I look with a stranger’s eye to see how laughter frees one from fear.  Gratitude is my prayer when a clown’s antics distracts a child in pain.  At this moment, I feel my inner clown jump up from my toes and reach into my heart to take me places outside my comfort zone to share the healing power of laughter.

Tickle Bell