The Science of Laughter

When we make you laugh it makes your heart work harder moving the blood and fluids around the body faster, that fast moving blood improves your circulation and cleans out your lungs and who doesn’t want clean lungs. Laughing even lowers blood pressure.

With blood there is oxygen and the increased activity produced by the laugh improves your digestive system by massaging your gastro system, hey even your insides deserves a massage. Laughing also releases a pain reducing hormone, called “catecholamine” that decreases your perception of pain and that’s Cheaper then taking drugs, right? Because the energy from laughing is drawn to the stomach, the rest of your muscles relax, Reducing all that stress you have. Not only do we try to lift your spirits we can help make you feel a little better.

A Good laugh goes along way. It..

• Improves Circulation-The heart works harder when you laugh to move the blood and fluids around the body.
• laughingIncreases Activity in the Lungs–The fast moving blood is richer in oxygen. The increased respiratory activity helps clean out the lungs.
• Lowers Blood Pressure-The more you laugh, the lower it drops (and the longer it stays low)
• Releases Pain-Reducing Hormones-(called catecholamine), decreasing your perception of pain.
• Decreases Muscle Tension-Energy is drawn to the abdomen during laughter so the rest of your muscles relax.
• Enhances Digestion–The increased activity produced by the laugh means more blood and oxygen in the system which improves the digestion rate by massaging the gastrointestinal system.
• Lifts Spirits-Humor has the power to transport you out of the blues and into a better state of mind. It opens lines of communication and allows you to express a wide range of feelings.

A smile and a laugh can communicate volumes.

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